Rainer Facklam creates unique luxuries. Whether furniture or jewelry, his designs are always sleek, his materials are always of the highest quality, and his craftsmanship is always exceptional. But there is ever an extra detail that makes his work different. Be it a secret compartment or a hidden function, or maybe even a special production technique, Rainer always finds a way to elevate an already beautiful object to the level of functional art.

Born in Europe and educated at the Academy for Fine Arts in Dusseldorf, Rainer graduated with an MA in sculpting and painting. But it was at a gallery exhibition for his paintings that his love for functional art was born. Dismayed at the lack of aesthetics in the exhibition space, he created painted dividing screens to both segregate and enhance the gallery installation, and the screens themselves became part of the exhibit. It was his first taste of form and function coming together as art. Since relocating to New York in the late 80s, Rainer Facklam has won acclaim as an artist in the field of Art Furniture. His work has found its way into galleries and private homes throughout the United States, and has been featured in numerous magazines and websites worldwide.

Rainer’s aesthetic is a blend of modern and classic styles, a reflection of his refined - and often extravagant - sensibilities. His Travel Vanity, for example, was a sumptuously-appointed portable dressing table created so that a woman may attend to her beauty regimen in lavish style; it came stocked with a full complement of curated Chanel cosmetics and champagne flutes. Originally an exclusive offering in the fabled Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, it is now part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Other noteworthy projects have included a men’s underwear hamper completely lined in recycled mink (for the tactile pleasure one receives when retrieving the laundry), a mahogany wooden obelisk made for the display of a single row of roses; and the Anniversary Box, a keepsake container built around an hourglass filled with exactly 10976 minute diamonds, one for every day of a couple’s 30 years together.

With his predilection for the lavish, jewelry was a logical next step. Combining exotic and rare woods with materials like alligator skin, shagreen, sterling silver, and pearls, Rainer's jewelry and accessories for women express luxurious, understated elegance and grace with masterful execution. In 2003, he co-created the mens jewelry line Manacles, which debuted to extensive media attention and sold in exclusive retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales. His fashion accessories have graced the runways of notable New York fashion designers, including Peter Som, Bill Blass and American couturier Chado Ralph Rucci, while his designs have been sold at exclusive stores and boutiques throughout the world.

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